We believe in keeping toys
in play, and that fun should
be forever.

What is Mattel PlayBack?

Play should not have a shelf life or be tossed away. We design toys to be loved, cherished and passed on from one generation to the next, and we aim to make them from materials that can live on in new products and in new ways.


We also believe that parents should have guilt-free solutions for toys that have reached the end of their useful life. The Mattel Playback programme helps put valuable materials in play and out of landfills so that the fun comes full circle.

How Does It Work?

  • Fill out the form below with all requested info to generate your shipping label.

  • Print your free prepaid shipping label that you will receive by email.

  • Package the toys and send them back.

What we recycle

Please pay attention to the following points before sending your toy:

What we recycle image
If it’s broken or unplayable

If others could safely enjoy your outgrown toy, then it’s better to give it away, for example to a kindergarten or a charity organization

What we recycle image
Look for the originals!

Whether Barbie®, Matchbox, Fisher-Price, or MEGA, send us your old toys having the distinctive Mattel marking, look for it!

What we recycle image
Make a selection

We accept all Barbie® non-electronic dolls, clothes, accessories and playsets, flexible and rigid plastics, Mega Bloks® and MEGA Construx including blocks and bricks of all sizes, wagons, lil’ vehicles, ride-on and figures, all Matchbox non-electronic toys and all Fisher-Price non-electronic toys.

What we recycle image
Check the type of product

We do not accept electronic toys, electronic playsets, nor outer packaging (paper/film/card).

Mattel PlayBack is currently available in the United Kingdom and Germany. Mattel PlayBack has also launched Canada and the United States where a similar programme is offered. Currently, the programme accepts Barbie®, Matchbox, Fisher-Price® and MEGA toys for UK, with other brands to be added in the future. All Mattel® brands will be accepted for Germany. Please see FAQs for more information.

How Does It Work?

Most important questions

Nothing at all. Participation and shipping are free of charge for you. All you need is a box to put your toys in - it's best to use a used box for this. There are no fees, we pay for shipping and recycling.

You can recycle Barbie® non-electronic dolls, clothes and accessories, Fisher-Price non-electronic toys, MEGA non-electronic plastic toys (Mega Bloks® and MEGA Construx) and Matchbox non-electronic toys.

Once you submit your form to us, you’ll receive an email with the link to your free shipping label. Download the label, then follow these 4 easy steps:
1. Print the label out.
2. Place your waste in a sturdy cardboard box that is no bigger than 60 x 60 x 50cm and has a maximum weight of 20kg.
3. Attach your label securely to your parcel, and ensure it is easy to read.
4. Arrange a free pick-up for your parcel via UPS® by either booking online, calling 03457 877 877, or dropping off your parcel at your closest UPS® drop-off point.

Yes! If you want to recycle more than one brand of Mattel® toys, you will need to request separate shipping labels. The four accepted waste streams that must be sent in separately are:
- Barbie® non-electronic dolls, clothes, and accessories. Follow the instructions in the email you receive, which will contain the link to your free shipping label too.
- MEGA non-electronic plastic toys (MEGA Bloks® and MEGA Construx)
- Matchbox non-electronic toys
- Fisher-Price® non-electronic toys

How to Recycle Your Toys

Advancing the Circular Economy

As our planet’s population continues to increase, the strain on our environment grows along with it. We must all do our part to protect our planet’s finite natural resources for the next generation.
We’re all in this together. Click here for additional simple steps you can take every day to reduce, reuse and recycle!